March 7, 2021

Natural Life Style Diet System

The NLS has been founded to rediscover the ancient knowledge of natural living in two days modern life style. The prime objective was to augment the tradition of trust (in nature) and dedicated quest for excellence in educating masses about benefits of natural life style /living

To propagate, promote, facilitate, making popular living with Nature cure, based n natural food and to propagate, popularize teaching, preaching, principles and guidance of Brahmleen Aacharya Sheshadari Swami Nathan ji in connection with living with natural foods and nature cure
To organize meeting, conferences, seminars, workshops broad- casts, telecasts, camps etc. for healthy living, treatment through natural ways, natural food based on natural life style.
For More Info in Pakistan
Call /WhatsApp: Yogi Shahbaz 00923006275743

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